A Rundown of the SEC Whistleblower Program and What To Expect

Deciding to blow the whistle on fraudulent wrong doing can be scary. There are many things to consider, not least of all is where you will stand once the debris settles. The SEC Whistleblower Advocate Program is there to direct you through it all. The program is made up of financial securities attorneys with more than a century of experience behind them. They conceive how much courage and gall it takes to make a securities claim, and have safeguards in place to ensure your private and public future.

The Sec Whistleblower Program was enacted in 2010 by congress after it had become clear that law enforcement could not stand alone in regulating and policing corporations. The Whistleblower Program receives in excess of 20,000 tips each year, but extensively investigates a fraction of these. Of the 20,000 tips that are received annually, only a small percentage will result in prosperous enforcement action.

A survey was conducted by the University of Notre Dame and Labaton Sucharow in May of 2015. The poll revealed that only about 89% of individuals across the United Kingdom and United States report wrongdoing. Individuals that are aware of securities fraud either are unaware of the SEC Program or are unsure of their claim’s eligibility.

It is not uncommon for whistleblowers to fear retaliation. Corporations will sometimes require employees to sign documentation that discourages whistleblowing. Often times these documents are illegal, and the SEC actively goes after companies that initiate these documents. Whistleblowers are able to report wrongdoings anonymously. The acquisition of an attorney to advocate on behalf of the accuser is required in these cases. However, prior to receiving any potential monetary award for their anonymous reporting, the accuser must identify themselves to the SEC. In the interim, the whistleblower’s attorney will act on their behalf.

As hinted at earlier, an employee with good morals might be pressured into not coming forward with viable information involving securities fraud. The SEC has implemented protections against this, advocating on behalf of the employee and allowing said employee to fearlessly blow the whistle on their employers wrongdoings. This is true even if an accusation does not result in the employer’s persecution.

If the employee is subjected to retaliation from their employer, they have the right to immediately sue the employer. This is without the exhaustive process of administrative filing. Whistleblowers whose cases were successfully policed can expect an award of 10 to 30% of monetary sanctions collected. If the sanctions exceed $1 million, whistleblowers might also be rewarded for sanctions brought about by other law enforcement or regulatory organizations.

Some factors might decrease the amount of an award including the culpability of the accuser. An accuser who was unaware of their own culpability might receive more than an individual who blew the whistle on their co-conspirators.


How did Steve Ritchie bring Papa John’s so Close to Acquisition?

The Question that many Analysts had Wondered…

So Papa John’s fell a little bit. Earnings per share, net revenue and many other items were not what analysts investing within the service industry wanted to see. New CEO Steve Ritchie has created a landscape where the aforementioned figures are slowly beginning to climb to the level that they need to be at. How did he achieve this? He began by implementing many strategies that deal with the customer experience. The two most important strategies had a direct effect, however.

The Introduction of a New Growth Officer?

A new growth officer has been added to the boardroom. One of many new roles. Mike Nettles is his name, and he’s got a plan that involves a vice president of operations placed at every customer interaction point. There is a new vice president for overseeing the menu experience. There are also new vice presidents to oversee the innovative use of technology as well as branding. One vice president has been placed over an area referred to as, “the customer experience.” Apparently, Mr. Nettles is not the only new person in town when it comes to the Papa John’s boardroom.

Listening to Employees and also Customers More…

As discussed already, Mr. Nettles’ plan is one that listens to the customer experience. He and Steve Ritchie Papa Johns would also like to hear employees. The voices program has received such positive feedback since it’s implementation that some people have felt that it single handily rose the price of the company’s stock! The program offers a double edged sword really. Employees are put in a better mind set and they feel respected. On the same hand, investors love this so much that it shows. The effect is a truly positive one on the company’s numbers.

Acquisitions and other Growth Possible…

Several of the largest investment firms to invest in eateries are interested in acquiring this Papa John’s version 2.0. A few other random equity firms also happen to be interested. These entities are starting to see the type of numbers recover discussed earlier. They might also be swept up in the company’s exciting new culture.

Discover more: https://ir.papajohns.com/news-releases/news-release-details/papa-johns-promotes-steve-ritchie-ceo-0


Rick Cofer Helps Recycle the Austin Environment

There are many ways to pay for recycling within Austin. The Park and Recreation Recycling Task Force is working on zeroing in on waste reduction methods in the city regarding landfills. There was even a ban on single-use plastic bags at one point.


Composting options are being looked into at the parks of the city. Rick Cofer who is the chairman of that task force stated that some places don’t even have recycling systems in place. There are two proposed budget plans that are being devised. The money collected from either of the plans being proposed would provide for a planning coordinator. Employees would assist in the process of collecting and hauling the waste.


The first budget proposal is looking at about $1.3 million. This money would be provided by private donors. There would be an increase the community fees that are already part of monthly clean-up costs. The city of Austin would provide for that plan from part of its budget by increasing fees by 31 cents to the residents.


The second option would cost around $800,000 and the allocation of the budget is similar to the first one although the clean up monthly fee would be raised by only 16 cents. It seems this second option is the one that may be pursued in depth.


The person in charge of all this change since 2008 is none other than defense attorney Rick Coffer. He has not only been on the front-lines for this environmental project but also has a great record for solving misdemeanor and felony cases as a juvenile prosecutor.


Rick has handled plenty of drug and DWI, as well as theft and family violence cases. He crafts a unique defense for each situation and is extremely discreet. Cofer has interesting defense strategies he uses, thanks to his experience in plea-bargaining methods for negotiation and solving difficult criminal cases. He knows that great service, along with empathy and compassion, are one of the best things his clients need. He provides guidance while constantly communicating with them on a regular basis for the best possible results.


In the fall of 2016, the city wanted to increase recycling and reducing trash within the city of Austin. Cofer was in the forefront of that project. He stated that it was hard to get the data during the pilot project that took place, but that there was a major trash reduction. There were many parks in the neighborhood and athletic fields that were part of the pilot study. Waste streams and reducing waste was all taken into consideration without compromising the high community service plan.







Matt Badiali Explains Why Gold Mining Firms Are The Best Place To Put Your Money

There are a number of good reasons to have part of your financial portfolio invested in gold.It’s a hedge against inflation,for one. Two,its correlation with the stock market is pretty low. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio with a commodity that can increase in value by quite a bit.However, geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali says what’s even better to invest in is the companies that mine gold. This is especially true now as these companies had to get very lean when the value of gold tanked to $1050 in 2015, just below the amount of money it cost them to extract this precious metal from the earth and rock it’s buried in.

Having formerly taught geology at the University of North Carolina, he says that the executives running gold mining firms saw that gold prices were subject to change. They restructured while the value of gold was low, Matt Badiali says, and paid off their debts. They are now poised to make huge amounts of money as the value of gold has recovered and they are getting more gold mines in operation. He says that the gold mining firms will see their stocks increase by even more than how much gold itself will be going up by.Some of the gold mining companies Matt Badiali is closely monitoring include Newmont, Agnico Eagle, and Goldcorp.

These companies have already had some pretty solid gains and they are going to have further success due to their making wiser decisions than they have in the past.Many people see the value of commodities and feel like they’re pretty arbitrary. You need to be both a financial expert and scientist like Matt Badiali to truly understand this area of investing. Even better is that he can break down the complex science and financial matters in a way that his readers can really understand.He writes the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. Matt Badiali also speaks at seminars and other events where he explains investing in commodities and what the current trends are. His business goal is to inform people about natural resource investing so that they can achieve financial independence.


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How Sheldon Lavin Grew OSI Group Into “Something Big”

Sheldon Lavin started out his professional career as a bank executive and investment manager. He was asked to provide his assistance to Aurora, Illinois-based Otto & Sons who needed to borrow funds in order to aggressively expand their operations.

Lavin was able to arrange this financing for them. He was so successful that the owners of this company asked that he take a leadership and ownership stake in it but he declined. He did agree to become a consultant to them, however.

In 1975 this company decided to expand overseas. At this point, Sheldon Lavin did agree to become a partner. In this same year, they also changed the name of the company to OSI Group. Their primary customer was McDonald’s who had them as one of their four suppliers of beef patties. As McDonald’s expanded throughout the world so did OSI Group.

In 1977, McDonald’s asked Sheldon Lavin to fully commit to OSI Group. McDonald’s said that they needed his business expertise at one of their most important suppliers. Before long he was this company’s chief executive officer and chairman. He has served in these roles ever since. He is now well into his 80s but says he enjoys running this company so much he still wants to be involved in its operations.

He has said that when he joined OSI Group he was prepared to move back into the financial industry if he wasn’t able to grow it into, in his words, “something big”. He can now consider that mission accomplished although he is still aggressively expanding this company. His company employees more than 20,000 people and has 65 food processing facilities. According to Forbes, it is the 56th largest private company in the nation. As of 2016, this company was worth $6.1 billion.

Sheldon Lavin is always looking to address the needs of the market. A recent trend is a growing demand for chicken around the world. He met this need in Spain as he had this facility recently upgraded with a dedicated high-production line to process chicken. He doubled this production to an annual 24,000 tons.

See: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25526-sheldon-lavin-continues-global-expansion-osi-group-commitment-green-innovations


How Stream Energy has contributed to help the Needy in the Society

Stream Energy is a worldwide direct energy selling company. It is globally known for providing unique and innovative, client centered energy solutions. Commonly referred to as Stream, it was founded in 2005, and since then, it has developed into a multinational company, operating in highly competitive markets. Today, the firm offers its services throughout, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas and, Washington D.C. In addition, Stream Energy offers international protective and home services through Stream Digital Voice and Virtual MD. The company has earned itself a name in the energy sector by delivering high-quality services to its clients.

Besides providing divergent, unique, innovative and high-quality services, Stream Energy is also involved in life-changing philanthropic activities across the United States. Over a decade, the company has partnered with reputable conflict and disaster mitigation organization to help the needy in the hour of need. This year, the corporate management and workers of the Stream joined hands to create and launch their own charity outfit dubbed the Stream Cares Foundation.

Through The Stream Cares Foundation, the company, in collaboration with its employees, contributed significantly to assist the communities ravaged by Hurricane Harvey across Texas to pull through and rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

In partnership with Hope Supply Company, The Stream Cares Foundation has made a considerable contribution to help the needy societies and families in Dallas, Texas. Through this partnership, deprived communities and the homeless have received basic utilities like school supplies, clothing, diapers and other necessities. The foundation Stream has also provided a rare fun moment for children in Dallas by fully funding a fun trip to water parks as a part of Splash for Hope events courtesy of Hope Supply Company.

For a long time, Stream Energy has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, to assist needy families build new houses and repair existing ones. Together they have offered volunteer labor and reasonably priced mortgages. To supplement the effort, families donate manual labor called sweat equity. With Stream Cares Foundation, the company can offer both affordable services to clients as well as uplift the lives of the deserving in the society



Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Thoughts on Misuse of Emergency Facilities

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a household name in the world of medicine and specifically ER. As a trained and a practicing professional, his contributions have been termed as exceptional and lifesaving. He is an elite medical practitioner who is both a role model and a leadership figure to many young and aspiring ER doctors. He is a licensed ER doctor by various bodies in the vast USA medical world.

The University of Louisville graduate is not only exceptionally good at his work as an ER specialist but he has been vocal on issues surrounding the practice. One of the areas in the ER that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been vocal about is the public misuse of emergency facilities for no emergency needs. As an expert in this field, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel explores all dimensions of this subject in an objective lens.

It is important to note that the misuse of emergency services in the USA medical system is not new. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel points out that he has personally experienced this sad reality. The trend goes back to the early 1990s. He, however, points out that the patients using emergency services have some relatively valid reasons for their actions. However, according to him, overstretching of these facilities capacities possess some of the worse medical scenarios in the ER practice.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel points out that the human resources in most ER units are overworked. The overworking according to him lowers the efficiency in case of a real emergency. Although he acknowledges that most of the patients using this method of getting treatment do it out of the need, the bigger picture of overworking ER specialists in unethical and wrong. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is worried that the trend is not only in Florida but has roots in other states.

Referring to studies done before, the ER specialist expands the debate on the misuse of emergency services in the USA. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel points out that not all patients that use emergency services are low-income earners in need of medical services. He points out reports from some of the credible research institutes (such as George Washington University) that some people who can afford healthcare see emergency services as a route to save time. In a normal setting, a typical doctor’s appointment can take time and this sometimes is an inconvenience to many people.

Referring to multiple studies done before, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel explores finer details such as ethnicity and sex in the misuse of emergency facilities. Although to some extent the two are non-factors, they are a contributor. For example, he points out that African American contrasted to other ethnicities are more likely to seek medical attention through emergency facilities. On sex, men compared to women have higher chances of using emergency facilities.

On a different cause of this medical phenomenon, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel points out that monetary is a factor. Comparing the results of different states and medical costs, people are more likely to use emergency facilities due to relatively high charges of normal medical costs. He contrasts the normal medical costs to emergency charges and the latter is more monetary friendly to millions of Americans. Therefore, the incomes of the patients have a significant in the overall misuse of ER facilities.

Although Dr. Eric Forsthoefel suggests a more holistic approach to this issue, he acknowledges that the trend is likely to take more time before actual results.



The Story Of Jim Larkin

Some consider Jim Larkin to be a hero while others are not willing to go that far. Regardless, he is part of Irish history, and a statue of him is located in Dublin. His story is unique, and he lived his life trying to make life better for others.

Larkin was born in Liverpool, however, is parents were Irish. His family was poor, and he was unable to receive a proper education. Instead, Larkin had to go to work to help support his family. By the time he was in his early twenties, he was a well-established dock worker. Read more: James Larkin | Wikipedia and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner

Due to his own upbringing, he could identify with the underprivileged class. It was this identification that caused him to want to bring down capitalism and became committed to revolutionary socialism. He was a prominent player in the 1905 dock strike.

It was because of this that in 1906, he was asked to lead the National Union of Dock Labourers. The union sent Larkin to Belfast to organize their unskilled labor force.

Larkin did start a union branch, however, employers were not happy, and they started an employee lockout. This was met by a dispute that the National Union of Dock Labourers stepped in to solve. Larkin did not appreciate this action.

Next, Larking was sent to help Dublin’s port workers. However, feeling betrayed by his union, he started his own. Larkin’s Irish Transport General Workers Union quickly became Ireland’s largest union. Larkin continued to support the working class.

However, the confrontation with the Dublin United Tramway Company during the 1913 Lockout left Larkin’s union in pieces.

In October of the following year, Larkin took a trip to the United States. He wanted to rebuild his union and needed money. While in the U.S., he got involved in the politics. He was against the United States entering WWI and was for the Russian Revolution.

He found himself in jail for his beliefs. He was eventually deported. Though he never had the power he once did, he stayed active until his death.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:



Jim Larkin’s Uncle Was One Of the Manchester Martyrs

Jim “Big Jim” Larkin is well known to be among Ireland’s most legendary social malcontents. He was one of the primary architects of the modern labor union in his country and promoter of socialism.

He was born in 1875 mired in the utter obscurity of deep poverty, but removed from the soil of his beloved Ireland. Larkin’s parents had immigrated to Liverpool, England, where they struggled to eke out a bare-bones existence in the slums of that British port city.

But fewer people know that Jim Larkin had a famous uncle who also made history for his rebellious acts against the ruling elite of his time. Jim Larkin was the nephew of Michael Larkin. He was one of the “Manchester Martyrs,” three Irishmen who were fighting to free Ireland from British rule.

The two men who completed the Manchester Martyr trio were Michael O’Brien and William Philip Allen. They belonged to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a group called the Fenians.

In 1867, about 40 Fenians staged a bold attempt to free two of their compatriots who had been captured by the British. The captives were being transported in a cage via a horse-drawn police van. The Fenians ambushed the van and killed one of the police officers guarding the prisoners. The rebels retrieved a key from the pocket of the slain officer and freed the captives. They escaped and were never recaptured. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

But Jim Larkin’s uncle, Michael Larkin, and his two compatriots suffered a different fate. They were apprehended, tried and found guilty of murder. All three were publicly hanged before a crowd estimated at 8,000 to 10,000 people.

At the time, Irish people made up 10% of the population of Manchester. The Irish folk viewed Larkin and the two other men as national heroes fighting the oppression of the British government. The Manchester Martyrs were considered soldiers in a war of independence, not murderers.

Jim Larkin was well aware of the famous incident involving his uncle. He once remarked that “every generation of the British ruling elite hangs at least one Larkin.” Jim Larkin himself was never hanged, of course, although did spend his share of time in prison.