Graeme Holm and Infnity Group Give Debt Reduction the Personal Trainer Treatment

According to Graeme Holm his approach to debt reduction is like hiring a personal trainer. “If you have a personal trainer at the gym you get better results,” Graeme states. This unique approach to rebuilding financial health is spurned by Holm’s own observations about the finance market. Holm, who is a top-level broker who holds a rating as an MBA Top 100 broker, knows what he is talking about when it comes to finance. For seventeen years he worked in the finance market, ten of which were spent working for the Big Four. During that time he became aware of the debt problem so many families in Australia struggled with. They were trapped underneath long-term loans and struggling just to make the minimum payment. This is when he decided to form Infinity Group.


Infinity Group is the fastest growing money-management and debt reduction service in Australia. This is because of one important reason, they get the job done. Infinity Group has an amazing track record. They are able to aid clients into reducing debt by $41,000 dollars per year on average. Not only that but they have a 100% success rate in repaying client home loans within three months. This is due to Holm’s innovative personal trainer approach. Researching the mortgage market Holm discovered that the majority of financial service companies did not offer any support to clients. They just left the clients to figure out the problem on their own, made a few suggestions, printed out a plan, and then let the client run with it. The problem with no support is the client can make bad decisions, go about things the wrong way, and end up in worse shape. This is why Infinity Group involves itself in every step.


Holm and his expert staff sit down with clients and over a series of meetings delve into their personal finances. Just like a personal trainer will dig into someone’s eating habits and make changes, Infinity Group makes changes to client finances. They set them on track to pay off debt, and they see that they get there. They allocate plans down to minute expenses like food and gas, implement the plan, check on the plan, and only allows clients to use cash. This is another innovation form Holm, who is a strong advocate for the benefits of cash over credit. By limiting clients spending to an allocated cash allowance, they dispense with credit so clients do not build more debt.

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A Biography of Francisco Domenech Career

Being a leader requires high diligence and willingness to work. Francisco Domenech is the current managing partner of Politank. This is a law firm that deals with government law affairs, especially which specializes in creating different strategies to represent private interests in government meetings. Francisco  Domenech is recognized for his long career and as a former director in legislative service and assembly office.

Francisco is highly skilled in the field of law. He acquired his skills at the University of Puerto Rico where he earned his B.A in political science. He also earned a Juris Doctor in the same University in Puerto Rico. He then became the president of the student body council for one academic year. At some point, he also served as the academic senator. This in the long run shaped him with the leadership skills he wanted to work as a managing partner. Read more Bill Clinton Visits Puerto Rico, Rich in Culture and Delegates

From 2007 to 2012, Francisco became a member of the national democratic committee where he represented the young democrats in America. In 2008, he became the deputy campaign manager during Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico. Later in 2016, he successfully handled another Clinton’s primary campaign where she victoriously won. Francisco also managed Clinton’s presidential campaign and organized her campaign trip during the 2016 election cycle.

His expertise in law field has provided him with a variety of opportunities in Puerto Rico and the United States. He also served at numerous courts such as the district of Colombia and federal circuit, United States court of appeal for the first circuit, the US court of international trade, US Supreme Court, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Through himself and Politank, Francisco Domenech has helped in the philanthropic endeavors for many years. As a result, his natural talent as a lawyer and as an organization leader has been enhanced. Thanks to his wide experience and his voluntary to stand up for the people in various regions. Learn more:





Success Journey of Professor Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry happens to be the famous professor of law at the prestigious University of California. It is called the Berkeley school of Law whereby he served as the school’s dean. He has also served as the Law Professor at the Cecelia Goetz University of New York. Sujit Choudhry has also served as a school chair at the famous Toronto University. He is a great authority recognized globally for his deep understanding of the constitutions law. Sujit Choudhry’s prowess in comparative constitutions and also politics has made him a great person in the whole world, click ( He has been an advisor to more than 25 countries on the best ways to build their constitution processes and also research agendas. He has been to Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and also Ukraine.

Professor Sujit Choudhry holds a degree in law for Oxford University, Havard Law School and also University of Toronto School of law, useful source ( He has become a great figure in matters to do with technological advancements. He was a Rhodes Scholar while studying at the University of Toronto. He also cut his teeth under the instructions of Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice, Antonio Lamer, learn more on

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s research has been addressing a wide variety of issues in matters of politics and constitutional law. This includes designing of the constitution in such a way that it deviates the country from political instability towards creating a very peaceful co-existence. Sujit Choudhry has also been involved in semi-presidential, secession and decentralization, federalism, official language policies, minority and group rights, constitutions building, constitution building from authoritarian to a democratic rule, security sector oversight and so many others that revolve around composition and also politics.

The great professor is a renowned author and has been able to publish over ninety articles, reports, books chapters and also working papers. Some of the books that he has written include Constitution Design for Divided Countries, The Migration of Constitution Ideas, Integration or Accommodation?, and so many others. He is also doing an exciting job towards the publication of various journals, and they have been very resourceful to their readers. They are currently doing so well, and he has become a very instrumental being in matters to do with technological advancements, click

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Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Diligently Supports The Fountain House

Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein has always been involved in many philanthropic activities. In May 2018 he and friends like Jim Finkel, Esq., and Omar Khan the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, hosted a lavish fundraiser dinner featuring the best in vintage wines and chef-inspired meals.

The wine inspired fundraiser sold tickets for $3700 and all of the proceeds would go to support The Fountain House. The Fountain House was started in 1944 under the premise of helping individuals diagnosed with a mental illness.

The Fountain House is founded on the principles of educating and training the mentally ill to be productive individuals. Specialized healthcare services and educational programs are provided through many community outreach activities throughout the New York City area. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench

Mental illness impacts more than 400 million people worldwide. The World Health Organization has called the mental illness disease a humanitarian crisis because it negatively affects families and communities.

The Fountain House helps men and women with mental illness receive opportunities like other members of the world community, by working, living, and learning new skills. Additional support provided by The Fountain House includes the following:

  • Develops unique programs through research and shared information on mental illness disease recovery
  • Collaborates with local, national, and the international community members on The Fountain House model
  • Advocates to improve the world community’s perceptions regarding men and women who are with living mental illness

The Fountain House mental illness model is now being practiced in 32 states and 30 countries. Fountain House membership is based on all members supporting each other and to always foster varied benefits that includes:

  • Growing confidence each day
  • Developing positive friendships
  • Learning new skills (communication, culinary, horticulture, education)
  • Improving employment and educational goals.

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq., founded his own private boutique law firm known as The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm. The Goldstein law firm handles issues involving corporate pay programs and executive governing systems. Attorney Goldstein also advises and counsels executive owners and managers on fiscal management strategies. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein graduated from New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University with a Juris Doctorate degree, a Masters of Art, and a Bachelor of Arts and cum laude distinction.

Jeremy Goldstein was nominated as one of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and as an expert corporate compensation attorney. He is an active chairman of the ABA’s Business Section for Mergers and Acquisitions.


The Fountain House Foundation in Association with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a nationally recognized lawyer. He runs the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm advises the clients on critical legal issues. It also advises management of firms, the CEOs and other executive boards.

Goldstein’s clients do not have anything to worry about because he has been in the field for more than two decades. He admits that his greatest strength is the number of years he has been in the business. The cases brought to him have some similarity with cases he has dealt with in the past. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench

Jeremy Goldstein also makes an extra effort to meet his clients at a social level, to understand their personalities, preferences and needs. This helps because the matters that he helps his clients decide are personal matters. Follow Jeremy Goldstein on Twitter

Fear is the greatest enemy of success. Jeremy Goldstein says that his advice to his younger self is to worry less. He explains that when he was young, he was scared and magnified the repercussions of everything. In most cases, all that he was afraid would ruin him turned out to be something good for his career.

Jeremy Goldstein is among the few prominent people in the society who give out to the less fortunate. Goldstein is a board member of the Fountain House. He is planning to hold a big wine and food party in support of the foundation.

The Fountain House started as a group of six members of the society who were dealing with mental illness. They called their small get together “We are Not Alone”. This is because many victims of the mental illness feel alone. After some time, they decided to find a permanent meeting place. The room they got had a fountain, and hence the new name; the Fountain House.

Today, thanks to goodwill people like Jeremy Goldstein, the group has expanded and is serving other people suffering from the illness around the world.

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Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter school serving students from low-income backgrounds in Washington DC, Tennessee and California. John Danner founded the school in 2006 with a mission of providing individualised learning experience using technology and involving the parent in the learning process. Rocketship education opens one to three schools every year and continues to get approvals to open new schools in different locations.

Recently, Rocketship education model was criticised by National Public Radio (NPR) blogger Anya Kamenetz. In response to the criticism, Rocketship education Chief Executive Officer, Preston Smith stated that the blogger does not understand the challenges in teaching students from low-income families as she did not visit a single Rocketship school. Anya did not find out how the schools achieve impressive results, but she was quick to undermine those results.

According to Preston Smith, if the school was as bad as the blogger was painting it, then 90% of the students could not return as they always did every year. NPR blogger accused the schools of issuing re-tests to achieve the impressive results. However, Rocketship schools issue state tests hence students cannot take retests without approval from the state department of education. CEO Preston confirmed that a tiny percentage of students in Rocketship take re-test and the school has a very clear policy on retesting.

NPR blogger accused the school of giving students minimal bathroom breaks and enforcing a policy called zone zero. Preston Smith in response to those allegations stated that managing elementary students’ bathroom visits can be quite complicated. The school, therefore, leaves the determination on bathroom breaks to the teachers because they understand each student’s unique needs. Zone zero meaning silent time is enforced when students need to pay attention, but they are given plenty of time to interact and dance.

Blogger Anya also accused the school of spending 80 minutes on Dreambox program everyday contrary to the recommended 45 minutes every week per student. In response, Preston said that students spend time on different learning programs within the prescribed time. The blogger’s story only intended to put the school in a bad light, but parents of the school came out strongly in defence for the school.


The Influential Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a holder of a Bachelor in Political Science and Juris Doctor both from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. He is well known for his contribution in the campaigns for Hillary Clinton mostly in Puerto Rico when she was running against Senator Obama in 2008 and Senator Sanders in 2016. His interest in politics has put him on the map as before becoming the deputy campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in 2008, he was already a delegate to Democratic National Convention for two terms being 2004 and 2008. He continued with this position for two more terms being 2012 and 2016. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at LinkedIn

His representation of the Young Democrats of America as a member of the Democratic National Committee is as well evidence of his commitment towards politics. Currently, Francisco Domenech is the managing partner of Politank which happens to be a government undertakings law firm. The firm focuses on developing approaches to utilize in representing the private interests during federal meetings. The fact that he started practising law as early as the age of 27 means that he has earned undisputable experience over the years to perform efficiently in his current position.

To help him carry out his law activities efficiently, Francisco Domenech has been accepted in various dimensions. Therefore he has been admitted to exercise law in various capacities like before the United States District Court of Puerto Rico, the United States Supreme Court, the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia Circuit as well as the United States Courts of Appeals for First Circuit. In that case, for him to gain this kind of approval, it means that he has earned the trust and confidence of all these institutions. Other than working all the time, Francisco Domenech is involved in charity work individually and with the support of his company Politank. In that case, he gives back through liaising with foundations such as the Clinton Foundation, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the Washington Center or Internships and Academic Seminars as well as Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

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Jeff Herman And Several Other High Profile Individuals Rally For The Passing Of The Child Victims Act


At a time when no attorney had been able to successfully get justice served for victims of sexual abuse from a clergy member, one Mr. Jeff Herman made the headlines when the judge ruled in favor of his client during such a trial. In 2002, Jeff Herman took on a sexual abuse case against the Archdiocese of Miami. For the very first time in history, he got to present such an argument during a trial and won a One Hundred-Million-Dollar Verdict. This was the breakthrough point in his career as no lawyer could stand a chance against the Catholic Church at the time.


Since then, Jeff Herman has devoted his career to representing victims of sexual abuse in courts of law. He has made a reputation for himself for apologetically exposing sexual offenders and the prestigious and influential organizations that protect such people. With a juris doctorate from the School of Law of the Case Western Reverse University, Herman began a practice. His firm; Jeff Herman Law Firm, started out as a general law firm handling all sorts of cases, but later one became an exclusive handler of sexual abuse cases.


In light of the recent increase in cases of sexual abuse towards children, Herman has joined the vast myriad of celebrities from all around the state of New York advocating for the child victims act to be passed.


The Child Victims Act is a Senate bill sponsored by Brad Holyman of Manhattan. The law is meant to do away with any form of the statute of limitation whether civil or criminal when it comes to cases of child sexual abuse. The current statutes of limitation permit for cases of such crimes to only are presented in court within the five years of the offense. In such a case, the victim is given just a year within which they should have filed a case, and in case the perpetrator belongs to an institution like the church, then the victim has three years to file the lawsuit. These limitations are what the people of New York are rallying against.


Celebrities and high-profile individuals in the State have publicly shown their support for the bill with the most recent ones being Sarah Powers of the national volleyball team and Corey Feldman, the actor, and renowned activist.



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Heal N Soothe A Healthy Lifestyle


Heal N Soothe is a new and exciting way to help ease the pain of joint inflammation. Joint pain is caused by damage to joint cartilage and tissue. Reports from sufferers regularly using Heal N Soothe have been raving about this fast-acting product.


Heal N Soothe is made from 12 natural ingredients that come together to give amazing results. One ingredient, proteolytic enzyme protects the body from free radicals, there also have been many claims of whole body wellness with this enzyme.


Proteolytic enzyme is naturally produced in the body but as we age the production decreases. This decrease may start as early as age 29. The purpose of this enzyme is to fight against pain and inflammation. It helps to heal your body, fights viruses and improves your immune system. Reducing inflammation can impact your heart health, prevention of memory loss and cancer prevention.


Other natural ingredients that are given to us by mother nature are bromelain, papain, Citrus Bioflavonoid, Boswellia serrate, Rutin, Ginger root, turmeric extract, devil’s claw, vitamin E, L-glutathione serrazimes. Unlike some prescription drugs, these supplements are safe and free from side effects. Simply put, Heal N Soothe get these Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers To Work against your pain.


Join inflammation affects millions of people including arthritis sufferers, trauma patients, and sports injuries to name a few that will benefit from Heal N Soothe. Many have had to put aside or modify their normal activities because of pain. Walking the dog, playing ball, hiking in the park or working in the garden are a few examples.


Clinical studies have proven that Heal N Soothe is highly effective. One study with 77 patients showed pain and swelling was greatly reduced. A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found that Turmeric was more safe and precise than aspirin.


Living healthy is the best thing we can do for our body. Using natural supplements is the best way to keep our body healthy. Heal N Soothe is the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Go Here for more information.


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