The Political Power of Betsy DeVos Guised In A Publicly Gracious Image

There is no shortage of articles, factual profile and other fact-laden information about Betsy Devos’ career today. However, one of the most insightful, comprehensive and engaging articles about her today would have to be the one from The New York Times itself.



In the NyTimes article entitled “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but A Fighter in Poltiics” last Feb 2017, the readers are reminded of the inherent strength, stealth-like political strategem and power of Betsy Devos. These readers are reminded by the article that the skills for managing the political position that Betsy Devos has today are far from inferior. Readers are reminded that the stance of Betsy DeVos on LGBTQ rights are strongly aligned with President Trump.



The presence of Betsy DeVos in the current presidential administration means that people would have to expect more conservative programs from DeVos. But this doesn’t mean that the minority is neglected. DeVos is always going out of her way to make sure that the gay and transgender employees working in the Education Department of schools are reminded of the direction that the administration is taking without forgetting to listen to their side. She even attended the Conservative Political Action Conference to make sure that the federal guidelines of the new administration are met without overreach.



It’s also to be gleaned from the article that while DeVos is publicly gracious and meek, she is still a relentless driven political fighter that does what is needed for the changes required to get enacted. Her drive is what has earned the trust of President Trump herself. It is her drive that has pushed the administration she is serving to where it should be.



About Betsy DeVos



DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the U.S. Department of Education. She is also best known to be the businesswoman and philanthropist that is helping the Trump Administration enact the policies needed to reform the overreach in the previous administration. Her advocacy in school choice, school voucher programs and charter schools have also engaged herself to strengthen her ties to the Reformed Christian Community. She’s also the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan dating from 1992 to 1997.



It is also not to be forgotten that DeVos has been the woman behind the fantastic management of the Department of Education today. She is able to do this not just through her skills, talent and vision, but also because of the inherent support she already gained by being the Former CEO of the multi-level marketing firm, Amway. She’s also the daughter-in-law of the co-founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. Her influence in the administration today may have been because of the strong ties she had made while being part of the company.


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End Citizens United is Working For Fair and True Democracy


When the landmark supreme court decision Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission came down, it left an indelible mark upon the very fabric of American democracy. For those who have opposed the decision ever since it was authored in 2010, the ongoing effort to stand behind those who could lead to its overturning is more than an interest, it is a passion. Those who oppose this ruling, which they see as a massive crack in the very foundation of democracy in the United States, at first were left not only stunned, but also without guidance as to what they could do to slow the spread of that crack but also hopefully one day to reverse the damage that it caused. That is until End Citizens United was formed. Read more about End Citizens United at Wikipedia.

ECU is a grassroots organization which stands equal and in opposition to the Citizens United organization its core beliefs. End Citizens United believes that by supporting candidates and policies that are true to the pure ideals of democracy, they will be able to get elected officials who will implement policies and laws that will take back the seats of power from big money interests and put it back in the hands of real Americans. What started out as a simple court case over whether the controversial film HILLARY: The Movie, was a first amendment work or a 90 minute anti-democrat campaign ad and as such would be required to be held to the standard of campaign advertising disclosure laws, has become perhaps the most controversial supreme court case relating to the American political system of this generation.

The ramification of this decision are still not fully known, and those who oppose it are fearful that when they are discovered fully it will be far too late for the damage to be undone. For this reason, the group End Citizens United has worked diligently and will continue to do so in order to muster support for those who would see Citizens United overturned and the standards of campaign advertising finance and disclosure that had been the norm for more than a century be restored. They see this as a two-step process. First elect officials who will reform campaign finance law in a fair and modern form, and then enact actions that will lead to the direct overturning of Citizens United by SCOTUS.

Those who are interested in learning more about end citizens united are encouraged to visit the group’s website, and if they feel strongly about the purity of the American political system and the safety of the American form of true democracy, get involved. Action can beget action and End Citizens United is ready to take action, but they need the support of those who feel passionately about the protection of the most valuable thing every American possesses, the power of their ONE VOTE.

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Analyzing The Twitter Rant From Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is a very successful and well-known venture capitalist and part owner of Uber, Dollar Shave Club and more. He immigrated to the United States before becoming the success is today. While he is very known for being outspoken, he took many of his Twitter followers by surprise when he went on a day-long rant back in February 2018. He bombarded his followers with more than 50 tweets regarding his concerns of our economy and giving his own warnings on how to fix it before it gets worse.

The Downturn Of The Dow

At first, Shervin Pishevar began his first tweets talking about the downturn of the Dow to try and spook investors. His main forecast was that there was going to be a point drop of more than 6,000 in the coming months. If his forecast about this was true, it would have evaporated more than 20-percent of the value for the beginning of the year.

Disadvantages Of Isolationism

Another one of the Twitter rants that Shervin Pishevar wrote about concerned his long-lasting concern over America trying to remain a monopoly. To reiterate his belief in this, he was stating that Silicon Valley is no longer just a physical place. He believes it’s more an “idea” which has gone viral throughout the world. In another tweet, Pishevar stated that keeping out talented immigrants would backfire and that they would eventually start taking their talent to other countries for their benefit.

Shifts And Rifts In The Economy

From some of the tweets he made, it is obvious to see that Shervin Pishevar envisions a world that is going through a revolution while the United States is continuing to struggle trying to stay in the leading position. Even though this is not a good revelation for America, many entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from this. Shervin Pishevar stated that when all of the middlemen start to become more irrelevant, the economy will be able to become more stable and efficient as a result.

It is up the the readers on whether they take the tweets from Shervin Pishevar as serious warnings or take them with a grain of salt.