A Look At Don Ressler And Some Of His Ventures

Who Is Don Ressler?

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur, business executive and investor. He is most famous for his role in internet based startups and e-commerce at https://www.facebook.com/public/Don-Ressler. Fitness Heaven.com was Don Ressler’s first online business. It was later acquired by Intermix Media.

After this acquisition, Don Ressler would team up with future business partner and the former chief operating officer at Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg to create their own company called Alena Media. At Alena Media both Ressler and Goldenberg worked to create an e-commerce and performing advertising division that was profitable to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Intermix, would eventually be acquired by the media conglomerate company known as News Corp in 2005. The new owners ignored the highly successful online marketing and sales platform on techstyle.com developed by Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg. They left Intermix shortly after News Corp took over.

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After leaving Intermix, Don Ressler would team up again with Adam Goldenberg. They also managed to convince some former Alena Media colleagues to work with them to help them launch their own business. The fruit of their labor would be a firm first known as Brand Ideas, but later renamed and called Intelligent Beauty. This company was a direct to consumer selling business.

The first business launched by Intilligent Beauty was known as DermStore. It was an online skin care, beauty hair care and cosmetics retailer on Brandettes. Today DermStore has the second largest sales volume for online based skin and beauty products. Intelligent Beauty contines to hold a stake in the online store, along with the Target Corporation.

Another venture that Don Ressler helped to create is the online subscription based clothing retailer called JustFab. Ressler helped create it in 2010 and has worked with actress Kate Hudson to market and expand the brand.


Brazilian Culture Is The Current Focus For Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama has been one of the world’s leading advertising creatives for a number of years after beginning his career with the Brazilian agency Standard Ogilvy after the Rio de Janeiro native graduated from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado educational institution. Gama has built one of the most successful careers in the history of advertising around the world with numerous awards from the Cannes and London Film Festival’s.

In his work in Brazil, Alexandre Gama moved through many of the top advertising agencies in Latin America through the 1990s before he made the decision to take his work in an independent direction with the formation of his own Neogama ad agency.

Neogama quickly became a global company, but the need to retain a sense of his Brazilian background has always remained high with Gama as he decided his time would be well spent exploring the traditional Brazilian guitar culture he loves so much; Alexandre Gama formed the VIOLAB foundation to make sure traditional Brazilian musical techniques were taught in the 21st century. In his dedication to Brazilian culture Alexandre Gama has developed a career as a recording studio and YouTube channel designed to continue the tradition of excellence in guitar playing Gama fears is dying out.

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Julie Zuckerberg Instrumental Executive Recruiter Skills

Julie Zuckerberg Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a talent acquisition manager who is known for her ability to perform beyond expectations. She has amazed the world by recruiting the finest talents at Deutsche Bank. She started her career in 2002 in Hudson. She served different clients including reputable law firms, international corporations, and different financial institutions. Julie is also well versed with the Employee Act and she has been of great help in solving conflicts at the workplace. Through her assistance, clients have appreciated because she has rejuvenated the motivation of the employees. She has also made the clients confident of her services. Over the years, she has helped recruit attorneys, support staff, paralegals and case managers. She strongly believes that business success is hinged on the ability of a company to hire the best personnel.

Career Elevation

Julie started her bright career when she was a student at the University of New York-Brooklyn College. She acquired a degree in Philosophy and her passion for recruiting made her be outstanding in the field of talent acquisition. She is also creatively endowed making her a unique icon who always spots the best talent for a company. She has also acquired a JD from the New York Law School. She later worked with Citi Global Function until 2011. She served as an executive recruiter and proved to be perfect in her selection and wise in every decision she made. She helped hire reliable senior staff in the field of auditing, law, and compliance. Through her innovative skills, she has been able to recruit the best talents by diversifying her ways of looking for the best personnel. She utilizes social media, customized internet search, direct outsourcing and referrals from different employees. In Citi Global Function, Julie made a historic contribution by helping in negotiations and job offers including immigration and equity buyouts. She was instrumental in getting the best talent for the position of a director and managing director for Citi Global Function, and CitiCards. She has also worked as an executive recruiter for New York Life Insurance Company.

Rising Above

Julie joined Deutsche Bank in 2015. Due to her world-class experience and perfection in her work, she rose through the ranks to become the Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. Julie has been employing a reliable and creative strategy of getting the best talent through collaborating with business leaders. She has diversified her network in order to tap the best personnel in the field of technology, asset management, and business operations. Julie has been influential to the team of experts she manages. Her strategic decisions have proved to be reliable. Over the years, other professionals in the recruitment industry have relied on her practices and principles in the recruitment process. This is because every time she is hiring, a top-notch talent is her focus and she never fails. She is highly skilled in interviewing skill, employee training, succession planning and coaching. When Julie Zuckerberg is not working, she is passionate about volunteer activities.


Talk Fusion Receives High Honor

Talk Fusion has been the recipient of another honor, the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award was given for their revolutionary Video Chat product. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina, a man with 20 years of experience in the network marketing industry. His company launched in 2014 and includes an array of products that can help promote any business or idea online. The company offers an array of plans that include their products like video email, video newsletters, auto responders, e-subscriptions, a mobile app called Fusion On The Go, video blogging platform, the ability to share videos on over 200 social networking platforms, a Fusion Wall that allows you to share your videos and rank others, and a way to connect to everyone in order to host webinars. Along with their array of services, Talk Fusion also offers a business opportunity for those looking to meet any financial goals by selling the company’s products.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award was given to honor the company’s products that have shown great improvement over the last year. The award comes from Technology Marketing Corporation, and he company was proud to recognize Talk Fusion as true leaders who have produced a top line product. This is the second award Technology Marketing Corporation has given to Talk Fusion this year.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product uses WebRTC technology that allows their clients to communicate with anyone on any platform around the world. It is available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Talk Fusion founder and CEO, Bob Reina, went on to discuss that the company has big plans for their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. They are working hard to stay ahead of the curve for all their clients.  More information is available PRnewswire.