Beauty Trends Featuring Lime Crime

The warm weather is back again, and that means the trends are changing. Keeping up with the newest beauty trends can leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Trends are also great because you can achieve them in your own way. You can use these trends in whatever way makes you feel more like you. Makeup is great because it allows you to express yourself, and it’s another way to indicate your own identity. Here are some of the latest beauty trends that people all over the world are crazy about, and they’re featuring the incredible cosmetic line, Lime Crime.

  1. Glitter

Glitter is totally trending right now. People are loving the bold sparkling look once again. Glitter is perfect for the night life because when the light hits the glitter it’ll glow in the dark. It also allows you to stand out from the crowd, so it is great for people who have a passion for standing out.

Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers are the perfect product to give you the glam and glitter look. There are twenty different colors to choose from and all of them will leave your lips sparkling.

  1. Neon Makeup

One of the latest trends is neon colored eye shadow. Neon colors add a bold statement to your makeup look. Neon colored cosmetics is popular right now. Luckily, Lime Crime is the perfect place to achieve this look. Lime Crime carries neon colors in lipstick, highlighter, eye shadow, and even neon hair colors!

  1. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a trend that never dies. Liquid matte lipstick caresses your lips and takes to it’s natural shape. One of the best parts about matte lipstick is that it is long lasting, and it is not glossy or shiny so it sticks to your lips. Lime Crime has a line of liquid matte lipstick and they have several colors available to choose from. There are natural colors for casual moments and bold colors for a night out with the girls. Lime Crime’s liquid lipstick lasts through eating and drinking and is perfect for long days!