Brazilian Culture Is The Current Focus For Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama has been one of the world’s leading advertising creatives for a number of years after beginning his career with the Brazilian agency Standard Ogilvy after the Rio de Janeiro native graduated from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado educational institution. Gama has built one of the most successful careers in the history of advertising around the world with numerous awards from the Cannes and London Film Festival’s.

In his work in Brazil, Alexandre Gama moved through many of the top advertising agencies in Latin America through the 1990s before he made the decision to take his work in an independent direction with the formation of his own Neogama ad agency.

Neogama quickly became a global company, but the need to retain a sense of his Brazilian background has always remained high with Gama as he decided his time would be well spent exploring the traditional Brazilian guitar culture he loves so much; Alexandre Gama formed the VIOLAB foundation to make sure traditional Brazilian musical techniques were taught in the 21st century. In his dedication to Brazilian culture Alexandre Gama has developed a career as a recording studio and YouTube channel designed to continue the tradition of excellence in guitar playing Gama fears is dying out.