What Are Freedom Checks?

It’s not common to always begin on a clean slate in life. Few investors have the opportunity to start their businesses after significant preparation. Most of them have also assembled a hodgepodge of various investments as well as pensions prior to thinking of creating a balanced portfolio. If you are starting from scratch, a fresh beginning will give you the chance to develop a clear structure for your investment. But the current generation is marred by various challenges including scammers who pose as genuine investment experts online. For that reason, it’s always vital to be cautious of the red flags. Like illustrated by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing, it’s also important to familiarize with sound investments such as freedom checks as that could be your pot of rainy-day money.

Matt Badiali is the man behind freedom checks. He is an excellent geologist with an impressive record of offering solutions to problems raised in investments. A holder of master’s degree in earth science, Matt Badiali has also traveled across the world and visited various countries to inspect oil fields, energy sources, and coal mines to confirm their value and input in the economy. While working in this sector, Matt Badiali had the opportunity to meet the leading CEOs of various high-profile companies that deal with the production of oil and other energy suppliers. Matt Badiali studied the stock market and invested in invaluable shares. In 2008 during the life-changing economic crash that affected thousands of businesses, Badiali invested in energy stocks. He sold the same shares in 2010 and reaped a profit of 4,400 percent. The geologist earned invaluable returns on the ill-advised stocks. He earned a spot in the investment industry as a leading investment strategist.

Freedom checks are controlled by master limited partnerships (MLPs), companies that exploit a clause that allows them to enjoy tax advantages. The clause also allows them to enjoy the tax benefits provided by publicly traded companies. These businesses pay less in taxes. MLPs aren’t new to the public, but they have been a secret for some time. Since they control freedom checks, 90 percent of revenues these companies make are directed to investors.

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OSI Group And McDonalds Have Seen Side By Side Growth:

Leading food provider and processor OSI Group is a company that has achieved a significant amount of success over recent decades. This has been in large part due to the fact that the company has had the benefit of being led by some truly visionary and an outstanding executives One of the major figures within the executive team is David McDonald. He serves as OSI Group President and oversees a company that has great business relationships with some of the leaders in the food industry. The OSI Group McDonalds Restaurants working relationship has been in place since 1955 and the company has picked up contracts with other preeminent restaurant chains such as Subway and KFC.

David McDonald has seen a large amount of success as one of the leaders of OSI Group because he fully embraces his entrepreneurial ethic that the company has always valued. David has been at OSI since 1987 and has moved up from his initial posting as a project manager to now sitting in one of the top roles within the company’s operations. With leaders like David McDonald, the company will continue to head down the path of providing excellent customer service and innovative solutions for the food service industry. With this attitude, there is little doubt that business deals such as the OSI Group McDonalds contract will continue for many more years to come.

The interesting OSI Group McDonalds Restaurants contract first started in 1955 when OSI Group executives Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky signed the first contract with Ray Kroc and McDonalds Restaurants. The leading food company had gotten its start many decades earlier when Harry and Arthur’s father Otto had first founded the operation as a meat market. The move the wholesale was a major step in the transformation of OSI into a global food provisioner. The company was a large enough presence by the mid-1950s that it was an ideal company for the growing McDonalds company to work with. It was then that the OSI Group McDonalds working relationship first began. This is a business deal that continues to this day as both companies have growth side by side with each other.


Matt Badiali Explains Why Gold Mining Firms Are The Best Place To Put Your Money

There are a number of good reasons to have part of your financial portfolio invested in gold.It’s a hedge against inflation,for one. Two,its correlation with the stock market is pretty low. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio with a commodity that can increase in value by quite a bit.However, geologist and financial advisor Matt Badiali says what’s even better to invest in is the companies that mine gold. This is especially true now as these companies had to get very lean when the value of gold tanked to $1050 in 2015, just below the amount of money it cost them to extract this precious metal from the earth and rock it’s buried in.

Having formerly taught geology at the University of North Carolina, he says that the executives running gold mining firms saw that gold prices were subject to change. They restructured while the value of gold was low, Matt Badiali says, and paid off their debts. They are now poised to make huge amounts of money as the value of gold has recovered and they are getting more gold mines in operation. He says that the gold mining firms will see their stocks increase by even more than how much gold itself will be going up by.Some of the gold mining companies Matt Badiali is closely monitoring include Newmont, Agnico Eagle, and Goldcorp.

These companies have already had some pretty solid gains and they are going to have further success due to their making wiser decisions than they have in the past.Many people see the value of commodities and feel like they’re pretty arbitrary. You need to be both a financial expert and scientist like Matt Badiali to truly understand this area of investing. Even better is that he can break down the complex science and financial matters in a way that his readers can really understand.He writes the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. Matt Badiali also speaks at seminars and other events where he explains investing in commodities and what the current trends are. His business goal is to inform people about natural resource investing so that they can achieve financial independence.


Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings is the largest bank in the Kenya area of Africa.


Equities First Holdings have done their very best to put themselves into the position they are in today in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Equities First Holdings has done so well in fact that they have won quite a few awards over the years and continue to do so today.


Along with all these accomplishments that Equities First Holdings have garnered, they have become the place that the locals in these regions have come to know and trust over the years.




Graeme Holm and Infnity Group Give Debt Reduction the Personal Trainer Treatment

According to Graeme Holm his approach to debt reduction is like hiring a personal trainer. “If you have a personal trainer at the gym you get better results,” Graeme states. This unique approach to rebuilding financial health is spurned by Holm’s own observations about the finance market. Holm, who is a top-level broker who holds a rating as an MBA Top 100 broker, knows what he is talking about when it comes to finance. For seventeen years he worked in the finance market, ten of which were spent working for the Big Four. During that time he became aware of the debt problem so many families in Australia struggled with. They were trapped underneath long-term loans and struggling just to make the minimum payment. This is when he decided to form Infinity Group.


Infinity Group is the fastest growing money-management and debt reduction service in Australia. This is because of one important reason, they get the job done. Infinity Group has an amazing track record. They are able to aid clients into reducing debt by $41,000 dollars per year on average. Not only that but they have a 100% success rate in repaying client home loans within three months. This is due to Holm’s innovative personal trainer approach. Researching the mortgage market Holm discovered that the majority of financial service companies did not offer any support to clients. They just left the clients to figure out the problem on their own, made a few suggestions, printed out a plan, and then let the client run with it. The problem with no support is the client can make bad decisions, go about things the wrong way, and end up in worse shape. This is why Infinity Group involves itself in every step.


Holm and his expert staff sit down with clients and over a series of meetings delve into their personal finances. Just like a personal trainer will dig into someone’s eating habits and make changes, Infinity Group makes changes to client finances. They set them on track to pay off debt, and they see that they get there. They allocate plans down to minute expenses like food and gas, implement the plan, check on the plan, and only allows clients to use cash. This is another innovation form Holm, who is a strong advocate for the benefits of cash over credit. By limiting clients spending to an allocated cash allowance, they dispense with credit so clients do not build more debt.

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