End Citizens United is Working For Fair and True Democracy


When the landmark supreme court decision Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission came down, it left an indelible mark upon the very fabric of American democracy. For those who have opposed the decision ever since it was authored in 2010, the ongoing effort to stand behind those who could lead to its overturning is more than an interest, it is a passion. Those who oppose this ruling, which they see as a massive crack in the very foundation of democracy in the United States, at first were left not only stunned, but also without guidance as to what they could do to slow the spread of that crack but also hopefully one day to reverse the damage that it caused. That is until End Citizens United was formed. Read more about End Citizens United at Wikipedia.

ECU is a grassroots organization which stands equal and in opposition to the Citizens United organization its core beliefs. End Citizens United believes that by supporting candidates and policies that are true to the pure ideals of democracy, they will be able to get elected officials who will implement policies and laws that will take back the seats of power from big money interests and put it back in the hands of real Americans. What started out as a simple court case over whether the controversial film HILLARY: The Movie, was a first amendment work or a 90 minute anti-democrat campaign ad and as such would be required to be held to the standard of campaign advertising disclosure laws, has become perhaps the most controversial supreme court case relating to the American political system of this generation.

The ramification of this decision are still not fully known, and those who oppose it are fearful that when they are discovered fully it will be far too late for the damage to be undone. For this reason, the group End Citizens United has worked diligently and will continue to do so in order to muster support for those who would see Citizens United overturned and the standards of campaign advertising finance and disclosure that had been the norm for more than a century be restored. They see this as a two-step process. First elect officials who will reform campaign finance law in a fair and modern form, and then enact actions that will lead to the direct overturning of Citizens United by SCOTUS.

Those who are interested in learning more about end citizens united are encouraged to visit the group’s website, and if they feel strongly about the purity of the American political system and the safety of the American form of true democracy, get involved. Action can beget action and End Citizens United is ready to take action, but they need the support of those who feel passionately about the protection of the most valuable thing every American possesses, the power of their ONE VOTE.

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A Biography of Francisco Domenech Career

Being a leader requires high diligence and willingness to work. Francisco Domenech is the current managing partner of Politank. This is a law firm that deals with government law affairs, especially which specializes in creating different strategies to represent private interests in government meetings. Francisco  Domenech is recognized for his long career and as a former director in legislative service and assembly office.

Francisco is highly skilled in the field of law. He acquired his skills at the University of Puerto Rico where he earned his B.A in political science. He also earned a Juris Doctor in the same University in Puerto Rico. He then became the president of the student body council for one academic year. At some point, he also served as the academic senator. This in the long run shaped him with the leadership skills he wanted to work as a managing partner. Read more Bill Clinton Visits Puerto Rico, Rich in Culture and Delegates

From 2007 to 2012, Francisco became a member of the national democratic committee where he represented the young democrats in America. In 2008, he became the deputy campaign manager during Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Puerto Rico. Later in 2016, he successfully handled another Clinton’s primary campaign where she victoriously won. Francisco also managed Clinton’s presidential campaign and organized her campaign trip during the 2016 election cycle.

His expertise in law field has provided him with a variety of opportunities in Puerto Rico and the United States. He also served at numerous courts such as the district of Colombia and federal circuit, United States court of appeal for the first circuit, the US court of international trade, US Supreme Court, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Through himself and Politank, Francisco Domenech has helped in the philanthropic endeavors for many years. As a result, his natural talent as a lawyer and as an organization leader has been enhanced. Thanks to his wide experience and his voluntary to stand up for the people in various regions. Learn more: https://angel.co/francisco-domenech?public_profile=1





The Influential Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a holder of a Bachelor in Political Science and Juris Doctor both from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. He is well known for his contribution in the campaigns for Hillary Clinton mostly in Puerto Rico when she was running against Senator Obama in 2008 and Senator Sanders in 2016. His interest in politics has put him on the map as before becoming the deputy campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in 2008, he was already a delegate to Democratic National Convention for two terms being 2004 and 2008. He continued with this position for two more terms being 2012 and 2016. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at LinkedIn

His representation of the Young Democrats of America as a member of the Democratic National Committee is as well evidence of his commitment towards politics. Currently, Francisco Domenech is the managing partner of Politank which happens to be a government undertakings law firm. The firm focuses on developing approaches to utilize in representing the private interests during federal meetings. The fact that he started practising law as early as the age of 27 means that he has earned undisputable experience over the years to perform efficiently in his current position.

To help him carry out his law activities efficiently, Francisco Domenech has been accepted in various dimensions. Therefore he has been admitted to exercise law in various capacities like before the United States District Court of Puerto Rico, the United States Supreme Court, the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia Circuit as well as the United States Courts of Appeals for First Circuit. In that case, for him to gain this kind of approval, it means that he has earned the trust and confidence of all these institutions. Other than working all the time, Francisco Domenech is involved in charity work individually and with the support of his company Politank. In that case, he gives back through liaising with foundations such as the Clinton Foundation, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the Washington Center or Internships and Academic Seminars as well as Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

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An Overview of Francisco Domenech’s Political Participation

Francisco Domenech is a lawyer who was born in 1978 in Puerto Rico. He attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High School in Florida for his preliminary education. Domenech later went to the University of Puerto Rico for his bachelor of arts degree in Political Science and his Juris Doctorate. During his days at the University of Puerto Rico, he served in several positions in the General Student Body Council including leading the council as its president from 1999 to 2000. Domenech also went to the London University College for one semester where he undertook various studies in comparative law. Follow Domenech on Twitter.

Currently, Francisco Domenech serves as the Managing Partner of Politank, a lobbying company that focuses on formulating strategies that best represent the concerns of the private sector to the government. Before this, he was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. During his 3-year tenure in this office, he achieved several goals like ensuring that the employees were efficient and enlarged the scope of services offered by the Legislative Library. Domenech was also involved in overseeing a yearly budget of approximately $11 million.

Francisco Domenech is active in the United States politics. He was elected as the president of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats in 2003. He headed a team of fourteen young professionals that supported the Kerry/Edwards ticket. Domenech has also led voter registration campaigns in Florida aimed at registering likely Puerto Rican voters. He was also as a member of the Young Democrats Democratic National Committee. In 2007, Hillary Clinton appointed Francisco Domenech to facilitate her presidential campaign efforts by co-chairing Hillblazers, a national association of young professionals and students who look up to Hilary Clinton.

Francisco Domenech was the campaign manager for Jenniffer Gonzalez in 2016. She was successfully elected to represent the residents of Puerto Rico in the United States Congress. She is the first woman and youngest individual to hold this position. When it comes to giving back to the community, Domenech is always leading by example. Some of the charities he supports are the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.Visit: https://angel.co/francisco-domenech?public_profile=1



The Johnson Amendment is Under Attack and End Citizens United Needs Your Help.


The United States government is not functioning as it should and it has been that way for nearly a decade. We can go back to 2010 to when the Supreme Court hosted James Bopp, a lawyer representing Citizens United. Bopp and his conservative propaganda group, Citizens United, argued before the SCOTUS that corporations should be considered as people and that their donations should be considered an extension of their freedom of speech. This argument was fundamentally just a way for Bopp to argue for more lobbyists and special interests in American politics. The argument worked and now, seven years later, End Citizens United is fighting to bring financial transparency back to American politics.

End Citizens United was formed in an effort to make their name a reality. End Citizens United is a political action committee that relies upon grassroot support to get their message out with the goal of putting legislators into office that are willing to champion campaign finance reform. End Citizens United has stayed laser focused on their goal and that has expanded over the past six months to include the protection of the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment has come under intense fire and scrutiny ever since Donald Trump was inexplicably elected to the White House. The Johnson Amendment was introduced in 1954 and it serves as a piece of legislation to keep religious organizations from flooding politics with their finances. In exchange, these organizations are granted tax exemption to help alleviate the burden of their expenses.

President Trump issued an executive order in May that put the IRS on notice that he planned to repeal the Johnson Amendment in some capacity. He essentially told the IRS not to prosecute any religious organizations that decided to break the law. Now, months later, the GOP is proposing a tax reform plan that will be undoing the Johnson Amendment almost in its entirety. If the Johnson Amendment were to fall by the wayside then the expectation would be more dark money to flood into the political scene. According to Tiffany Muller, president at End Citizens United, churches and other religious institutions would turn into “tools for secret campaign spending.” The problem only gets deeper with the realization that these mega-donors would be able to funnel their donations through religious institutions while also scoring a hefty tax write off at the end of the year. In essence, the GOP plans to give corporate donors an even easier way to influence politics.

The Johnson Amendment was brought forth by Lyndon B Johnson in July of 1954. The legislation was backed in a bipartisan effort and has largely stood the test of time over the past 50+ years. However, as Republicans shift even further to the fringe right, it appears that no legislation is safe. Read more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Ci tizens_United



End Citizens United Begins to Raise Awareness for Johnson Amendment

Over the past year and a half the United States of America has seen its institutions at the federal level attacked by the reckless leadership of President Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s most recent target has been the Johnson Amendment which was established by two great political leaders back in 1954, Lyndon B Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower. The Johnson Amendment was a bipartisan effort to continue separating matters of religion from matters of the state. Since 1954 the amendment has been one of the cornerstones of our country, giving religious services a tax-exempt status in exchange for their parting from political partisanship. Now, Trump is setting his sights on attacking the amendment and groups like End Citizens United are being relied upon to fight back.

End Citizens United has been trying to make their name a reality for several years now. The name End Citizens United is based off of the 2010 Supreme Court case revolving around the propaganda arm of the GOP, Citizens United. Citizens United inexplicably and successfully argued before the Supreme Court in order to allow more dark money and lobbyists in to the government. These lobbyists, billionaires and millionaires alike, have fundamentally broken the United States government. The Johnson Amendment is actually a law that helps to keep at least a portion of these same lobbyists at bay by keeping religious services from funneling money into Washington D.C. By attacking the Johnson Amendment, Trump is continuing the conservative tradition of handing over the country to the billionaires and millionaires in the elite class. End Citizens United has obviously taken umbridge with this angle and has been dedicated to fighting against it with all that they have.

Donald Trump first set his sights on dismantling the Johnson Amendment back in May of 2017 when he signed an executive order urging the IRS to avoid prosecuting churches who broke the law. This EO is not legally binding and as such the IRS is under no obligation to comply. However, the mere signing of the executive order by Donald Trump shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the words ‘law and order’. The Johnson Amendment enjoyed bipartisan support for decades until far right groups began to systematically attack and dismantle it. In fact,nearly 34% of respondents to a Pew Research Center poll in 2017 said that they wanted to include religion in their politics. However, these respondents likely don’t realize just how dramatic of an impact this lobbying would have on the highest tiers of the United States government.

End Citizens United opposes repealing the Johnson Amendment for the simple reason that it gives away even more power to those with the most money. End Citizens United believes in fighting for the little people and has thus initiated a grassroots campaign aimed at raising awareness about the situation. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united