Graeme Holm and Infnity Group Give Debt Reduction the Personal Trainer Treatment

According to Graeme Holm his approach to debt reduction is like hiring a personal trainer. “If you have a personal trainer at the gym you get better results,” Graeme states. This unique approach to rebuilding financial health is spurned by Holm’s own observations about the finance market. Holm, who is a top-level broker who holds a rating as an MBA Top 100 broker, knows what he is talking about when it comes to finance. For seventeen years he worked in the finance market, ten of which were spent working for the Big Four. During that time he became aware of the debt problem so many families in Australia struggled with. They were trapped underneath long-term loans and struggling just to make the minimum payment. This is when he decided to form Infinity Group.


Infinity Group is the fastest growing money-management and debt reduction service in Australia. This is because of one important reason, they get the job done. Infinity Group has an amazing track record. They are able to aid clients into reducing debt by $41,000 dollars per year on average. Not only that but they have a 100% success rate in repaying client home loans within three months. This is due to Holm’s innovative personal trainer approach. Researching the mortgage market Holm discovered that the majority of financial service companies did not offer any support to clients. They just left the clients to figure out the problem on their own, made a few suggestions, printed out a plan, and then let the client run with it. The problem with no support is the client can make bad decisions, go about things the wrong way, and end up in worse shape. This is why Infinity Group involves itself in every step.


Holm and his expert staff sit down with clients and over a series of meetings delve into their personal finances. Just like a personal trainer will dig into someone’s eating habits and make changes, Infinity Group makes changes to client finances. They set them on track to pay off debt, and they see that they get there. They allocate plans down to minute expenses like food and gas, implement the plan, check on the plan, and only allows clients to use cash. This is another innovation form Holm, who is a strong advocate for the benefits of cash over credit. By limiting clients spending to an allocated cash allowance, they dispense with credit so clients do not build more debt.

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