Rick Cofer Helps Recycle the Austin Environment

There are many ways to pay for recycling within Austin. The Park and Recreation Recycling Task Force is working on zeroing in on waste reduction methods in the city regarding landfills. There was even a ban on single-use plastic bags at one point.


Composting options are being looked into at the parks of the city. Rick Cofer who is the chairman of that task force stated that some places don’t even have recycling systems in place. There are two proposed budget plans that are being devised. The money collected from either of the plans being proposed would provide for a planning coordinator. Employees would assist in the process of collecting and hauling the waste.


The first budget proposal is looking at about $1.3 million. This money would be provided by private donors. There would be an increase the community fees that are already part of monthly clean-up costs. The city of Austin would provide for that plan from part of its budget by increasing fees by 31 cents to the residents.


The second option would cost around $800,000 and the allocation of the budget is similar to the first one although the clean up monthly fee would be raised by only 16 cents. It seems this second option is the one that may be pursued in depth.


The person in charge of all this change since 2008 is none other than defense attorney Rick Coffer. He has not only been on the front-lines for this environmental project but also has a great record for solving misdemeanor and felony cases as a juvenile prosecutor.


Rick has handled plenty of drug and DWI, as well as theft and family violence cases. He crafts a unique defense for each situation and is extremely discreet. Cofer has interesting defense strategies he uses, thanks to his experience in plea-bargaining methods for negotiation and solving difficult criminal cases. He knows that great service, along with empathy and compassion, are one of the best things his clients need. He provides guidance while constantly communicating with them on a regular basis for the best possible results.


In the fall of 2016, the city wanted to increase recycling and reducing trash within the city of Austin. Cofer was in the forefront of that project. He stated that it was hard to get the data during the pilot project that took place, but that there was a major trash reduction. There were many parks in the neighborhood and athletic fields that were part of the pilot study. Waste streams and reducing waste was all taken into consideration without compromising the high community service plan.