Sussex Healthcare Has A New Leader

Sussex Healthcare is a company that wants to give hope to the senior people who are living in the United Kingdom. The health care firm is believed to be an independent company that has been successful in opening twenty locations for the residents who need to get long term care. The people who are living in these homes are fortunate because they can access medical care from specialists who can meet the needs of all the patients.

These doctors and health care providers are picked from the best institutions in the world so that the clients never get an opportunity to complain about the services they get. These individuals are selected after numerous interviews, and this ensures that only the best get an opportunity to work with the senior community. All the needs of the people living in the facility are catered for at very affordable rates. The services received by the mental patients cannot be compared to any other in the market.


Although the company is only focusing on the provision of health care services, it has to hire individuals to take charge of the management activities of the company. The founders of the company, led by Shafik Sachedina play a critical role in making sure that the firm has only the best professionals to manage the services the company is offering. There are support services that are offered by these individuals at the residents so that the physical, emotional and mental needs of all the clients are catered for.

Not long ago, the heath care company brought in a new figure to be in charge of the company main operations. The company announced that it had given the position of chief executive officer to Amanda Taylor. The new appointment represents the commitment of the company when it comes to improving the services that the customers should be receiving at the end of the day. Amanda was picked for the prestigious position after a thorough search was conducted by the health care facility. The businesswoman has worked for several healthcare companies in the past, and she has been responsible for managing many companies. Her great skills in healthcare management played a critical role in her appointment to the top position. With her great skills in the tight markets, the businesswoman will be expected to take Sussex Healthcare to greater heights. The businesswoman is excited about getting the prestigious position, and she is already getting ready to start work.

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