The Political Power of Betsy DeVos Guised In A Publicly Gracious Image

There is no shortage of articles, factual profile and other fact-laden information about Betsy Devos’ career today. However, one of the most insightful, comprehensive and engaging articles about her today would have to be the one from The New York Times itself.



In the NyTimes article entitled “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but A Fighter in Poltiics” last Feb 2017, the readers are reminded of the inherent strength, stealth-like political strategem and power of Betsy Devos. These readers are reminded by the article that the skills for managing the political position that Betsy Devos has today are far from inferior. Readers are reminded that the stance of Betsy DeVos on LGBTQ rights are strongly aligned with President Trump.



The presence of Betsy DeVos in the current presidential administration means that people would have to expect more conservative programs from DeVos. But this doesn’t mean that the minority is neglected. DeVos is always going out of her way to make sure that the gay and transgender employees working in the Education Department of schools are reminded of the direction that the administration is taking without forgetting to listen to their side. She even attended the Conservative Political Action Conference to make sure that the federal guidelines of the new administration are met without overreach.



It’s also to be gleaned from the article that while DeVos is publicly gracious and meek, she is still a relentless driven political fighter that does what is needed for the changes required to get enacted. Her drive is what has earned the trust of President Trump herself. It is her drive that has pushed the administration she is serving to where it should be.



About Betsy DeVos



DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the U.S. Department of Education. She is also best known to be the businesswoman and philanthropist that is helping the Trump Administration enact the policies needed to reform the overreach in the previous administration. Her advocacy in school choice, school voucher programs and charter schools have also engaged herself to strengthen her ties to the Reformed Christian Community. She’s also the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan dating from 1992 to 1997.



It is also not to be forgotten that DeVos has been the woman behind the fantastic management of the Department of Education today. She is able to do this not just through her skills, talent and vision, but also because of the inherent support she already gained by being the Former CEO of the multi-level marketing firm, Amway. She’s also the daughter-in-law of the co-founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. Her influence in the administration today may have been because of the strong ties she had made while being part of the company.


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