What Are Freedom Checks?

It’s not common to always begin on a clean slate in life. Few investors have the opportunity to start their businesses after significant preparation. Most of them have also assembled a hodgepodge of various investments as well as pensions prior to thinking of creating a balanced portfolio. If you are starting from scratch, a fresh beginning will give you the chance to develop a clear structure for your investment. But the current generation is marred by various challenges including scammers who pose as genuine investment experts online. For that reason, it’s always vital to be cautious of the red flags. Like illustrated by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing, it’s also important to familiarize with sound investments such as freedom checks as that could be your pot of rainy-day money.

Matt Badiali is the man behind freedom checks. He is an excellent geologist with an impressive record of offering solutions to problems raised in investments. A holder of master’s degree in earth science, Matt Badiali has also traveled across the world and visited various countries to inspect oil fields, energy sources, and coal mines to confirm their value and input in the economy. While working in this sector, Matt Badiali had the opportunity to meet the leading CEOs of various high-profile companies that deal with the production of oil and other energy suppliers. Matt Badiali studied the stock market and invested in invaluable shares. In 2008 during the life-changing economic crash that affected thousands of businesses, Badiali invested in energy stocks. He sold the same shares in 2010 and reaped a profit of 4,400 percent. The geologist earned invaluable returns on the ill-advised stocks. He earned a spot in the investment industry as a leading investment strategist.

Freedom checks are controlled by master limited partnerships (MLPs), companies that exploit a clause that allows them to enjoy tax advantages. The clause also allows them to enjoy the tax benefits provided by publicly traded companies. These businesses pay less in taxes. MLPs aren’t new to the public, but they have been a secret for some time. Since they control freedom checks, 90 percent of revenues these companies make are directed to investors.

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